7 Keys To SELLING A House

A homeowner lists his house, for sale, on the market, because he decides he wants to sell it. While reasons, attitudes, needs, etc, often differ, as well as priorities, timeliness, etc, why would anyone do so, if selling the house, were not his objective? However, after over a decade as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have witnessed how often these individuals become their own worst enemies, either because of unrealistic attitudes or expectations, failure to listen to their professional real estate agent, or a number of other behaviors, etc. Therefore, let’s review some basic keys for SELLING a house.

1. Show; strengths; system; salesmanship: Homeowners must commit to making the house, as easy as possible, to view/ show! How can it be sold, if prospective buyers fail to view it? Hire an agent who actually shows the house, explaining its strengths and advantages, rather than merely bringing prospects, and opening the doors! Does your agent have a well – explained, quality system, which he has explained fully, so you are on the same page? How well – versed, in the art and science of salesmanship, is the agent you have hired?

2. Experience; expertise; empathy: There’s a big difference between a buyer, and a qualified buyer! However, the only way to learn that distinction, is to get to know the people! Learning their needs and what they want, and showing them how your house meets those needs, is the type of empathy, needed. Doing so, requires a combination of experience and expertise!

3. Listen; leadership: Agents must carefully listen to what their clients (homeowners), as well as their customers (potential buyers) are saying. Don’t merely hear, but listen intently, and focus on viable solutions! Every homeowner should seek an agent, who demonstrates quality leadership!

4. Love: Does the real estate professional merely go through the motions, or does he merely sell, or, indeed, does he love what he’s doing? When agents enjoy what they’re doing, focusing on needs and people, the sales come naturally, and far less painfully!

5. Investigate; invest; integrity: Quality agents start by investigating, and discovering all relevant factors and possibilities, in order to be prepared for any eventuality. He must be willing to invest his time, energies and marketing resources, to get the transaction done, in the best interests of his clients. Most importantly, one’s integrity must be absolute!

6. Needs; nuances; niche: Who might be the niche buyer for this particular property, and why? How will you attract these individuals, and will you utilize the most appropriate nuances? Will you proceed as a needs – oriented, solution – solver, or just focus on selling?

7. Greatness; grace: It takes a certain degree of self – discipline, and grace, to maintain one’s composure, focus, and positive attitude, despite certain obstacles and challenges. It might not always be that easy to do, but is a necessity of greatness!

Team up with your real estate agent, to take advantage of the rules of SELLING. When homeowner and agent, work together, every step along the way, the transaction process, invariably goes more smoothly!

Pre-Inspection of a House

Buyers hire inspectors to check the condition of the house when they are serious about purchasing it. This gives them a better bargaining power. It also gives them confidence about the condition of the house. The buyer’s inspector scrutinizes the house for every major/ minor defect.

Sellers also have the option of getting the house checked by an inspector prior to the buyer’s inspection. This is known as pre-inspection. The inspector carefully scrutinizes the house to check for any hidden faults which may not be obvious. He looks for leakage in roofs, water damage or improper grounding, wiring, plumbing, etc.

Benefits of pre-inspection to the seller:

1. It demonstrates a positive approach of the owner:

This helps in creating faith in the buyer.

2. The seller improves his negotiating power:

This is because, when the property is inspected by the buyer and they find defects in it, it puts the seller on the backfoot. The buyer may demand to lower the price of the property. The seller is caught unaware of these defects and will not be in a position to negotiate.

3. It helps the seller in pricing:

The seller is updated about any structural or other damages in his property. So, he has the option to either get it repaired or reduce the price of his property to account for the shortcoming.

4. It makes the position of the seller safe:

If a pre-inspection is not carried out and the buyer discovers a major structural fault in the property when he is inspecting it, it could lead to a lawsuit.

5. Improves chances of sale:

A house that has been pre-inspected has better chances of selling as buyers are impressed by the condition of the house.

Once the seller knows about the problems in the house, he can decide what repairs he wants to go ahead with. For instance, sellers will prefer to take care of minor inexpensive repairs. When it comes to an expensive repair or renovation, the seller might avoid it. This is because he may not be able to recover the cost of major repairs in the sale.

Once these repairs are taken care of, the seller now needs to work on increasing the appeal of his house. The seller should ensure that the house is neat and free of any kind of clutter. He should ensure that all faucets and fixtures are in working condition. The house looks good both internally and externally.

Therefore, we can conclude that though pre-inspection may involve expenditure to be incurred by the seller, it is totally worth it.

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Property Value Before Selling

It’s funny how a house doesn’t feel like an investment until it comes time to sell it. All of a sudden, after years of living there, the thought of its value hits you upside the head. Hopefully, you’ve practiced good home maintenance over the years and can now focus on cosmetic changes to increase value. And these won’t cost a fortune because many are typical do-it-yourself projects.

Lipstick on a pig

All the cosmetics in the world won’t make a pig look any prettier nor increase your property value. Sure, if you choose those fixes carefully you can realize a tidy sum at the close of escrow. But, if the house has major problems, such as with the roof or heating system, you may end up giving that money back to the buyer for repairs.

If you suspect there may be problems with the house, hire a home inspector to come in a do a thorough check. It’s worth the fee because it may allow you to head off a slowdown in the future transaction with a buyer. Home repairs that buyers expect to be made and that increase your property value the most, include:

Plumbing repairs
Updating electrical system
Repairing damaged floors

Don’t forget the little things: the dripping faucet, torn window screens and damaged counter-tops. You may have been able to live with these details but a buyer will notice them.

Larger projects, such as roof problems, are sometimes better dealt with by disclosing them to potential buyers and letting it be known that the price of the home reflects the need for the repair.


Increase the value of your home

It’s a fact: clean houses increase your property value, sell faster and for more money than dirty ones. Buyers like houses that have been well cared for and a clean house looks like a maintained house.

They also place a higher value on houses that appear to be ready to move right into. Nobody wants to have to clean a house before settling in. Some sellers think they’ll get around this chore by offering to have the house professionally cleaned before moving out. There’s no value added in that plan. The time to clean is before it hits the market.


Painting the walls creates an instant transformation in a number of ways and will increase your property value. Paint adds color to a room and makes it look and smell cleaner. Keep to the neutral colors on the color wheel, as they appeal to a broader segment of buyers.

Update the kitchen

In general, kitchens are usually most important in terms of enhancing the return on your home investment. Bathrooms are a close second. Attention to some of these little kitchen details can increase your property value.

Replace the lighting fixtures.
Put in new cabinets or, at the very least, replace the existing hardware.
Replace old appliances. New appliances make a good impression on prospective buyers.
Upgrade the faucet
Buy new curtains and throw rugs
Remove everything from the counter-tops with the exception of a few decorative items. Check decorating magazines for ideas.
Fix up the bathrooms

Nothing kills a real estate deal quicker than a nasty bathroom. Thoroughly cleaning it and painting the walls provides an instant transformation, but there’s more you can do that will increase your property value:

Install new lighting. New fixtures can create a statement with minimal effort.
Replace old sink, shower and bath faucets and handles with new decorative faucets.
Install new towel racks.
Replace shower doors.
Re-caulk the tub and sink to freshen their appearance.
Replace mirrors and medicine cabinets.
Hang new towels and add throw rugs that compliment the wall color.
That oh-so-important curb appeal

It doesn’t do you any good to invest in home improvements and updating if the exterior of the home doesn’t invite potential buyers inside. Plus, updated landscaping adds around 10 percent more to the home’s value. Here are some general considerations when trying to increase your property value:

Clean up the yard. Remove toys, trash, leaves and dead plants.
Clean the front porch by removing cobwebs from the light fixture, sweeping and applying a fresh coat of paint to the front door.
Mow the lawn. If it’s discolored, de-thatch and fertilize.
Trim trees and prune perennials to make them look tidy.
Add container plants to the porch or next to the front door.
Add surprising pops of color with seasonal flowers.
Apply fresh mulch to the beds.
Plant trees. According to the U.S. Forestry Service, trees increase property values by as much as 10 percent.

Keeping a perspective on all the work that you do in, on or around your home is important when trying to increase your property value. Specifically, focus on the kinds of improvements that will enhance your return on investment. And bear in mind that improvements should be appropriate for the immediate neighborhood. While your aim should be to have the most attractive home on the block, don’t over-improve for the neighborhood.

Benefits of Working With Cash for House Companies to Sell Your House

You may plan to sell your house for buying a new house when your current house becomes too small for your growing family or you may have inherited an additional house property, or your dream job requires you to move to another city or a different state. Well, in any of these situations you need to sell your house, cash for house offers are possible with home buyers.

Cash for house companies are emerging as a viable option for homeowners looking to sell their homes “As Is”. The traditional real estate agents would require homeowners to make necessary repairs and renovations so they can start the sale process. Realtors being intermediaries only help you find a potential buyer for your house, by listing your property on their property website. Therefore, before they list your house on their website they want to make sure that your house is in a good condition structurally and in terms of regulatory issues.

On the other hand, cash for house companies buy houses ‘As Is’ meaning you don’t have to renovate or repair. These companies have huge cash reserves, which helps them buy houses in bulk and with the help of the nationwide home improvement experts, they will have these houses renovated. As they offer bulk contracts to home remodelers, these companies get huge discounts and will have these homes repaired and renovated at almost half the retail costs, an average homeowner would spend to have such repairs done.

Well, you may have inherited a house from your parents or relatives who currently cannot live there or maintenance is high, and the house may suffer many functional issues, even it may be involved in regulatory issues such as taxes, etc. cash for houses will still make a quick offer. These professional organizations have the knowledge and the ability to resolve not just the functional issues, but can also help these houses with the regulatory issues.

Therefore, when you decide to work with cash for house companies you need not worry about the functional repairs, or the regulatory issues the house may face. Moreover, these companies do not require you to stage the house, as they make a quick one-time inspection, before they make an offer. Finally, you get a competitive price and will not have to pay additional commissions or fees, as in the case of traditional real estate companies, which will charge you a fee for helping you find a buyer for your house.

Well, if you have an additional house property that you have inherited or a house that is facing foreclosure, or you in a tight financial spot contact cash for house companies. Make sure you work with a company that works out of a professional office set up, has over 15 years of experience and has purchased more than 1300 houses!

Should I Use a Realtor

When deciding between using a Realtor® or trying to sell your home on your own, be sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons so that you make the right decision for your situation. Here is a list of top reasons why most people should use a Realtor®:

Getting the best sale or purchase price for a home. A Realtor® has extensive market knowledge. As a result of their access to the most recent market data a Realtor® will give you advice on realistic purchase comparisons and listing prices. A Realtor® has access to all the homes for sale in an area, they also have access to the historic data in that area. So before you buy or sell, ask your Realtor® to provide a comparable homes analysis report, this will ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

Negotiating the sales price of a home. One of the most difficult steps in buying or selling a home, is handling the negotiations. A Realtor® can help with these negotiations. A Realtor® can help you create the best offer for a home and you end up with a deal that has your best interests in mind.

Showing Homes, a Realtor® will coordinate the scheduling and the showings of the homes for their client. Whether you’re buying or selling, a Realtors® can save you time and effort. If you are selling they can make sure the home is scheduled for open house activities. When you are buying a home they can do the hard work of tracking down other Realtors® and schedule showings for properties you have selected. A Realtor® will be there for you when a last-minute showing comes up in the middle of the day or when you need to schedule an appointment on a Saturday or Sunday.

Marketing your home. Today, prospective buyers and sellers want and expect professional photos and videos to accompany listing. Let the Realtor® handle marketing your home across various media. A big advantage of having a Realtor® is their ability to screen candidates, saving you time and effort.

Finding and selling homes. When looking for a new home, Realtors® have access to the latest listings, sometimes even before they hit the market. A Realtor® can review the seller’s situation and provide advice on your offer and on how to negotiate the best price. When selling, a home a Realtors® can leverage their networks in order to sell your home more aggressively to other Realtors®.

Negotiating the changes after the inspections. If you’re planning on buying a home, your inspector will find things that need to be fixed before closing. Your Realtor® will help you understand the inspection report and help you understand which items should be fixed prior to closing. If you are selling a home, your Realtor® will work with you to review the changes requested by the buyer from the home inspection and will help you understand which fixes must be completed before closing.

Other services for your home. During the buying or selling process, you may need to hire additional professional services, including: inspectors, lawyers, moving companies, plumbers, title companies and more. Let your Realtor® provide you with multiple trusted options, this way you can select the vendor that you feel will do the best job for you.

Closing your home. Your Realtor® is an extremely valuable resource during the closing process. Prior to closing the Realtor® will review the final closing financial statements to make sure that both the seller and buyer only pay what is required. Then at the closing table the Realtor® will be right there with you, just in case you have a question they can answer before you sign.

After closing your home. It doesn’t stop there your Realtor® will be there to answer any follow-up questions you my have.

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